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Dog Hide and Seek for Newbies

Dogs are born knowing how to play hide-and-seek, but they do have all the basic instincts for it! Show your dog the rules and you both can have a fun romp, indoors More »


Hiding Tips for Hide and Seek with your Dog!

As my friend, Mike has said, adults are not always inventive with hiding. Children are creative and fit in more places, so if a kid is available, enlist him or her! But, More »


Playing Ball – Gently – for Dogs with Joint Problems

When the cold weather starts,  for many of us walking the dog stops. And that perfectly reasonable. But it doesn’t mean the exercise should stop! I’ve had several comments and from talking More »

Too cold to walk the dog?

How Cold is Too Cold to Walk the Dog?

A general rule of thumb is if it is too cold for you, it’s too cold for the dog. But make sure you looking at weather fairly. “Don’t want to” and “too More »

Winter clothes for dogs

Winter Dog Coats, Sweaters and Jackets

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you should stay in. But if you think the cold might chill your dog, a winter dog coat or sweater may be enough to make More »

Got a Fat Dog? Take A Hike!

hiking with dogs

In some places, autumn brings gorgeous arrays of colors in nature that are a joy to experience up close. In most places, the cooler weather is great incentive to spend time exercising outdoors without being overwhelmed by the heat. If your dog is a bit out of shape, why not take advantage of this time of year start a different exercise program. Take a hike!

Exercise and the Harrier

exercise and harrierThe Harrier is a type of hound historically used for hunting hares.  It resembles the Beagle, but is a little larger, and was developed from various crosses of the English Foxhound with other breeds. While it was used primarily to hunt hares in Great Britain, the Harrier has also been used in fox hunting there, but has often been used for other jobs in North America including as a companion.

Make Yourself Get Out And Walk The Dog


You don’t want to go out and walk the dog. It’s too cold, it’s too warm, you had a long day, you are tired, you’d rather relax, and so on and on.

You really do want the dog to get some exercise and work off that energy, but you don’t really want to exercise. You do, but you don’t. At least not right now. Maybe later.

Exercise and the Afghan Hound

exercise_and_ Afghan_HoundThe history of this breed is not completely clear, but it is believed that the Afghan Hound was used for hunting by tribal chiefs in Afghanistan. It was developed to chase prey while his hunter was on horseback. This is one of the oldest breeds in existence.

Exercise and the Miniature Poodle

Exercise_Miniature_PoodleThe Miniature Poodle was breed down from the larger Standard Poodle. The biggest difference between these breeds is that the Standard was bred to be a hunting (sporting) dog and the Miniature was bred as a companion or toy dog. (The Miniature is not the same as a Toy Poodle, which is an even smaller breed.)  The Miniature (and Toy) were popular with royalty in England and France in the 1600’s and 1700s. They were also popular circus performing dogs in the 1800s. In many ways, this breed is really close to the Standard Poodle.

Dog Halloween Costume Safety


Dressing up for Halloween is fun for playful people . You love to show off your creativity with a novel costume, and if you have a pooch, you double your fun coming up with a costume idea for your pet. But is your dog’s Halloween costume is OK for your canine friend?

Exercise and the Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan_Malamute_and_ExerciseThe Alaskan Malamute is a Nordic sled dog, descended from the Arctic wolf. Its name comes from Mahlemuts, an Alaskan tribe that raised and cared for these beautiful snow dogs. Originally used 2000 to 3000 years ago by these Mahlemuit Eskimos of Alaska, these highly valued dogs were their only form of transportation. These amazing dogs have strength, endurance with a will to work.

Exercise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

exercise-Cavalier_King_Charles_SpanielThese small dogs were bred as companion in the 1500’s and to hunt small game. Later, this breed became a favorite of King Charles I and was popular with royalty for a long time, then became rare, but through search and breeding, was once again popular in the 20’s in the US.