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Fall Dog – Your Dog’s Schedule for Autumn

A new school year has started and autumn is fast approaching, which means schedules are  starting to change. Even if you don’t have kids in school, there are many changes this time More »

exercise the dog on vacation

Exercising Your Dog on Vacation

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hiring a dogwalker

Things Pet Owners Need to Know About Dog Walking Services

If you are too busy for dog exercise or you just need extra services to care for your dog, it can be difficult and costly to find a good and reliable pet More »


How To Start Running With Your Dog

With the weather cooling, if you have been thinking about start running with your dog, this is a good time to introduce it. Extreme heat is generally not an issue and running More »

Hiding Tips for Hide and Seek with your Dog!


As my friend, Mike has said, adults are not always inventive with hiding. Children are creative and fit in more places, so if a kid is available, enlist him or her! But, whether it’s you or the children hiding, be on the lookout for new hiding places in your home. Remember, your dog uses his or her nose more than any other sense when looking for you!

  • in closets, under a pile of clothes in the closet

Playing Ball – Gently – for Dogs with Joint Problems



When the cold weather starts,  for many of us walking the dog stops.

And that perfectly reasonable. But it doesn’t mean the exercise should stop!

I’ve had several comments and from talking to many dog trainers, getting your dog enough exercise in the winter can be a challenge. That’s why I wanted to take time to talk about that here.


How Cold is Too Cold to Walk the Dog?

Too cold to walk the dog?

A general rule of thumb is if it is too cold for you, it’s too cold for the dog. But make sure you looking at weather fairly. “Don’t want to” and “too cold” can be two different things. It is important for your dog get some physical activity even in the winter.

Exercise and the Mixed Breed Dog

exercise mixed breed dog2

exercise mixed breed dogYou may see several articles here about exercises and games that indulge the natural tendencies of particular dog breeds, but what about mixed breeds?  What if you don’t know exactly what breed or breeds your dog is? Don’t despair–you have another approach to take to dog exercise.

Holiday Dog Fitness

dog thanksgiving dinner

Day after Thanksgiving, some of my cousins and my neighbors were sitting around my den watching movies and noshing on awesome leftovers from the day before. My dog Bronx, casually strides in the room and for our entertainment proceeds to throw up all over the floor (beige carpets don’tcha know).

I could be upset (beige carpet!), but I stay composed as I dash for paper towels, and look beyond the event. On reflection there are two things I came away with (and unfortunately hardwood floors in not an option right now).

(originally published in Dec 2007)

Exercise and the Beauceron

exercise and beauceronThe Beauceron was developed in North France starting somewhere in the late 1500’s to guard and help herd sheep. It is actually a cousin of the Briard, another livestock guardian dog.

Got a Fat Dog? Take A Hike!

hiking with dogs

In some places, autumn brings gorgeous arrays of colors in nature that are a joy to experience up close. In most places, the cooler weather is great incentive to spend time exercising outdoors without being overwhelmed by the heat. If your dog is a bit out of shape, why not take advantage of this time of year start a different exercise program. Take a hike!

Exercise and the Harrier

exercise and harrierThe Harrier is a type of hound historically used for hunting hares.  It resembles the Beagle, but is a little larger, and was developed from various crosses of the English Foxhound with other breeds. While it was used primarily to hunt hares in Great Britain, the Harrier has also been used in fox hunting there, but has often been used for other jobs in North America including as a companion.