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How Cold is Too Cold to Walk the Dog?

Too cold to walk the dog?

A general rule of thumb is if it is too cold for you, it’s too cold for the dog. But make sure you looking at weather fairly. “Don’t want to” and “too cold” can be two different things. It is important for your dog get some physical activity even in the winter.

Got a Fat Dog? Take A Hike!

hiking with dogs

In some places, autumn brings gorgeous arrays of colors in nature that are a joy to experience up close. In most places, the cooler weather is great incentive to spend time exercising outdoors without being overwhelmed by the heat. If your dog is a bit out of shape, why not take advantage of this time of year start a different exercise program. Take a hike!

Fall Dog – Your Dog’s Schedule for Autumn


A new school year has started and autumn is fast approaching, which means schedules are  starting to change. Even if you don’t have kids in school, there are many changes this time of the year that you encounter: shopping patterns, daylight patterns, traffic patterns, patterns at your job or for your business—lots of schedules change with the seasons.

As schedules readjust in the autumn, don’t forget to adjust your schedule to accommodate your dog.

Exercise and the Australian Shepherd

exercise australian shepherd slider
exercise_Australian_ShepherdDespite its name, the Australian Shepherd is actually not from Australia. Actually, it is believed this breed originated from herding dogs in the mountains of Spain and France. (There are several theories, but it is not really known how they came to be known as “Australian”). The breed was really formally developed by farmers and ranchers in the United States starting in the 1920’s. Often called an “Aussie”, these dogs were often used as performance dogs as well.

Dog Game – Combat Crawling

Combat crawling can be a fun a new trick to teach. It is something that takes little space and can be easily done inside or out.

Have you seen a war movie or a program about military training where the soldiers crawl on their bellies under barbed wire? Well that is the essence of the game.

Dog Treadmill Review

dog treadmiill

Dog Treadmill Review Roundup

part 4 in our 4 part series on Dog Treadmills

There are several brands of dog treadmills available. While they provide a means for a dog to walk endless in a small space, they each have features, details and prices that make them a little different. And these can be the difference between what you really need and what doesn’t work. This Dog Treadmill Review will look at some of the most popular brands.

Exercise and the St. Bernard

The Saint Bernard is a large dog breed for working and for cold temperatures. This breed was developed in 1700′s by Swiss monks that kept a hospice for travelers crossing the mountains between Switzerland and Italy. This large dog is a cross of the ancient Tibetan or Roman Mastiff with the Great Dane, and then later with Newfoundlands. The breed was a popular a rescue dog working to save people from avalanches in the snowy passes, but was also known as a drafting dog and guard dog.

Treadmills for Dogs – Part 2

dog on treadmill

Treadmills for Dogs – How they work

Clearly this machine is made so you can walk a long time and exercise the body.Walking a great exercise. But is there really a difference between a treadmill for humans and for dogs? I mean, we both lift a leg while planting another on the ground, what’s the big deal? Do you really need to get a special treadmill for dogs?

In a nutshell, YES. But there are certainly a case to be made for investing in a treadmill especially for your dog. Understand the differences, so you can make the best decision for your dog.