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Fall Dog – Your Dog’s Schedule for Autumn


A new school year has started and autumn is fast approaching, which means schedules are  starting to change. Even if you don’t have kids in school, there are many changes this time of the year that you encounter: shopping patterns, daylight patterns, traffic patterns, patterns at your job or for your business—lots of schedules change with the seasons.

As schedules readjust in the autumn, don’t forget to adjust your schedule to accommodate your dog.

Exercise and the Standard Poodle

The Poodle is an old breed, at least 400 years old. The name “Poodle” most likely came out of the German word “Pudel,” which means “to splash in water”, which lets you know this was originally a water dog, specifically a water retriever. They were used as hunting dogs in Germany, Great Britain, and France where they became especially popular.  The breed, however, over time become popular performance dogs and more so companion dogs. The poodle has been bred in 3 sizes–Standard, Miniature, and Toy–with the Standard Poodle being the oldest and largest.

Exercise and the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is medium to large size and is a descendant of Roman cattle dogs and perhaps the Italian Mastiff. This versatile breed was developed in the Middle Ages as an all-purpose working dog and was used as a military/police dog, a herder, as a guard, messenger dog, draught dog, and a rescue dog. Practically extinct in the 1800′s, the breed population began a comeback in the early twentieth century particularly for the demand for police dogs during World War I and II.

Exercise and the Miniature Pinscher

miniature pinscher and exerciseThe Miniature Pinscher is a German breed. It is often called the “King Of The Toys This breed was developed from the short haired German Pinscher and the Dachshund or Italian Greyhound.This dogs was used as a barnyard ratter controlling the rodent population in the stables.”. It looks like a mini Doberman (but is not related to it and, in fact, is an older breed) most likely because both the Miniature Pinscher and the the Doberman both were developed from the German Pinscher.

Arthritis and Dogs and Exercise


If you are working with a vet, you should have a plan of treatment that includes medication, special nutrients, and exercise. Exercise? The dog is having an even harder time walking now. Why make it worse with exercise? Actually, exercise will help a dog with arthritis feel better in the short and long run.

Dog Exercise During the Dog Days

We Need To Get Out Of The House!

Your dog may still want to get out of the house, no matter how hot. Or maybe you need to keep him or her on a regular exercise routine. Follow these tips to keep your dog safe in the heat:

Dogs and Swimming

dog swimming safely in hot weather

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs know instinctively how to swim. You could break it down like this:

  • some dogs and some breeds are natural swimmers and can swim instinctively
  • any dog needs some practice to swim well

Your New Exercise Partner, Your Dog

dogs exercise during the summer

Why not fashion your exercise plan around you and your exercise partner, your dog? It doesn’t take nearly as much coordination as you think, and it’s a good way to stick with the plan. Don’t plan just a walk (which is good for your dog too.) Create an active routine that gets you in shape and/or has you shedding pounds. This is from the Lifewise Living site:

If you lack motivation to exercise and need a dedicated workout partner to encourage you, get a dog. Michael Hutchinson has lost 35 pounds working out alongside his Border Collie mix, Noah… read more

This is really a great idea if you are looking to maintain your weight AND you already have a high energy dog. After a couple of weeks  oif a robust routine, you will notice a difference in both of you: a calmer, happier dog and a more energetic fit you.