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How To Start Running With Your Dog


With the weather cooling, if you have been thinking about start running with your dog, this is a good time to introduce it. Extreme heat is generally not an issue and running can be very pleasant for both of you.

Running is a great way to work off energy of a high energy dog. If you are already a runner, or want to be a runner,

Is Your Dog Ready to Run With You?

running with your dog

You like to run, your dog likes to run, what a great combination. You will be hard pressed to find a better running partner than your dog: they are almost always willing, they make you feel safe, and they will never critique your form or make fun of your running shorts.  Is your dog ready to run with you?

Dog on a Treadmill – Getting Started


How To Teach Your Dog to Use A Treadmill

part 3 of 4 part Dog and Treadmills Seriers

Whether you use a treadmill made for people or one made for dogs, walking on a treadmill is not something that comes naturally. Remember the first time you used one or ever watch a child try one? Whether for people or for dogs, you have to teach your dog to get on a treadmill, balance,  and walk on this exercise equipment.