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Why Teach Your Dog To Play Hide-and-Seek

hide n seek dog

Dogs enjoy hide-and-seek as much as people do. And while it is fun, this game also has practical purposes.

Dog Hide and Seek for Newbies


Dogs are born knowing how to play hide-and-seek, but they do have all the basic instincts for it!

Show your dog the rules and you both can have a fun romp, indoors or out.

Hiding Tips for Hide and Seek with your Dog!


As my friend, Mike has said, adults are not always inventive with hiding. Children are creative and fit in more places, so if a kid is available, enlist him or her! But, whether it’s you or the children hiding, be on the lookout for new hiding places in your home. Remember, your dog uses his or her nose more than any other sense when looking for you!

  • in closets, under a pile of clothes in the closet

Dog Game – On Your Mark

dogs running exercise-cover

On Your Mark is a cute trick, a nice exercise in self-control and a fun way to get a dog excited about play

How to Play with your Dog

how to play with dog

Go out and play with your dog. You tell the kids, you tell yourself, others (like me!) tell you. A lot of times that can be easier said than done. Why? Because if you don’t have an idea what to play, being told to “just go play” is vague. They don’t teach you how to play with your dog in school. First, what is play? says “play” is “exercise or activity for amusement or recreation”.  This means anything you and your dog do for fun can be play. A game of Fetch, a wrestling session, even teaching your dog to give you a high-five is play. (Yes, training can be play! It’s time he spends with his human, he gets to have challenges to meet, and he is usually getting some level of physical activity.)

Backyard does not equal playtime

dog backyard play

Taking the dog out for potty is not same as an exercise walk. And backyard time the same as playtime. In fact, it is the opposite of playtime according to researchers.

Dogs Playing Together…or Are They?

Dogs playing together well.

Recognize signs of healthy play in dogs.

Dogs playing together–at doggie day care centers, dog parks or on play dates–can be as fun to watch as it is fun for them. But sometimes, dog owners are often alarmed when they first see their dog really play with other dogs. There may be growling, biting, humping, barking. It  can look like fighting. It makes owners uncomfortable.

Dogs do not play nicely, politely waiting their turn to kick the ball. Dogs run, chase, jump, bite, growl, bark, and wrestle. These things may look like aggression, but it really is play. However, these things can turn into true aggression. We as owners must learn to recognize the difference between fun and fighting, so we can stop the action before it goes very badly.

Sit-Stay Command


The Sit-Stay command is such a useful skill for your dog to have, even for playtime! You have more choices of games your can play, like Hide-and-Seek or Red-Light-Green-Light and the games can last longer.  If you want to get your dog into other activities like Agility or Carting or other dog sports, the Sit-Stay command has to mastered first.