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How Cold is Too Cold to Walk the Dog?

Too cold to walk the dog?

A general rule of thumb is if it is too cold for you, it’s too cold for the dog. But make sure you looking at weather fairly. “Don’t want to” and “too cold” can be two different things. It is important for your dog get some physical activity even in the winter.

Holiday Dog Fitness

dog thanksgiving dinner

Day after Thanksgiving, some of my cousins and my neighbors were sitting around my den watching movies and noshing on awesome leftovers from the day before. My dog Bronx, casually strides in the room and for our entertainment proceeds to throw up all over the floor (beige carpets don’tcha know).

I could be upset (beige carpet!), but I stay composed as I dash for paper towels, and look beyond the event. On reflection there are two things I came away with (and unfortunately hardwood floors in not an option right now).

(originally published in Dec 2007)

Got a Fat Dog? Take A Hike!

hiking with dogs

In some places, autumn brings gorgeous arrays of colors in nature that are a joy to experience up close. In most places, the cooler weather is great incentive to spend time exercising outdoors without being overwhelmed by the heat. If your dog is a bit out of shape, why not take advantage of this time of year start a different exercise program. Take a hike!

Dog Halloween Costume Safety


Dressing up for Halloween is fun for playful people . You love to show off your creativity with a novel costume, and if you have a pooch, you double your fun coming up with a costume idea for your pet. But is your dog’s Halloween costume is OK for your canine friend?

Fall Dog – Your Dog’s Schedule for Autumn


A new school year has started and autumn is fast approaching, which means schedules are  starting to change. Even if you don’t have kids in school, there are many changes this time of the year that you encounter: shopping patterns, daylight patterns, traffic patterns, patterns at your job or for your business—lots of schedules change with the seasons.

As schedules readjust in the autumn, don’t forget to adjust your schedule to accommodate your dog.

Walking the Dog in the Rain

walk dog in rain

walk dog in rainThe dog’s need to walk does not stop just because there is rain. Sometimes you gotta do it.

Some dogs need very regular, vigorous exercise every day, rain or shine.  High-energy breeds and working breeds especially need regular physical exertion. Failing to do that typically leads to dire consequences including annoying habits, nuisance behavior, and destroyed house. Your choice to walk or stay in is pretty limited, you walk, wet or not.

Dog Booties

dog booties

You and your dog do not have to hibernate in the winter. A stretch and some fresh air are good for you both, even in the cold. But your pup hair and paws might not be enough to keep him warm on even a quick walk. Well just as you don a coat and boots, your dog can do the same and have a great comfortable walk. Of course it depends on your dog’s tolerance and how much you get outside, but dog booties are a small investment to make for winter safety and for having a little winter fun.

Winter Dog Coats, Sweaters and Jackets

Winter clothes for dogs

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you should stay in. But if you think the cold might chill your dog, a winter dog coat or sweater may be enough to make the walk warm and fun.