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4 Things You WANT to Do To Exercise A Dog With Arthritis


If your dog is diagnosed with arthritis, your vet will likely recommend 3 therapies: weight management especially if your dog is overweight, medication for joints and pain, and exercise. Exercise might seem counter intuitive  your dog is already in pain and their joints are stiff. Actually, you do want to strongly consider exercise. Here are four things to consider when exercising a dog with arthritis.

All About Canine Arthritis

dog canine arthritis

Dog moving a little slower now, walking a little stiffer? That may be arthritis. Like people, dogs can develop arthritis in their joints as they get older. But what does this mean in regards to dogs?

Arthritis and Dogs and Exercise


If you are working with a vet, you should have a plan of treatment that includes medication, special nutrients, and exercise. Exercise? The dog is having an even harder time walking now. Why make it worse with exercise? Actually, exercise will help a dog with arthritis feel better in the short and long run.